Sarasota Forest Monastery



The Sarasota Forest Monastery belongs to the school of Buddhism called Theravadan Buddhism. Theravadan literally means the “Teachings of the Elders,” which draws its scriptural inspiration from the Tripitaka (Pali Canon). These writings are considered by scholars to be the earliest extant writings of Buddhist literature.

The core of the Buddha’s teaching is simply stated in the “Four Noble Truths”, namely:

The human condition is one of dis-ease, unhappiness, and stress. This truth is to be comprehended. There is, however, a reason or cause for this condition. This reason or cause is to be abandoned and therefore, it is up to each indivisual to discern the cause of his/her stress and realize the way to overcome this state. The Buddha gave us the “Noble Eightfold Path” as a way to live life and train the mind as keys to enter a more enlightened, stressless state of living a way of life that is to be developed. It is this virtuous life - doing no harm, and training the mind to be aware of and know stress and its causes - that is at the core of Theravadan Buddhism.